Hyper Scribe – Cufflinks Addict


Like any other simple inventions, cufflinks have their own humble beginnings. There was a time that they are not yet invented until came the 1600s when the sleeved shirt has become an undergarment. Since then, any part of the shirt that is exposed has been decorated and emphasized by ruffles, ribbons and, of course, cufflinks.

While an ordinary man would say that decorating or making a part of clothing glamorous is a woman’s prerogative, we cannot hide the fact that even men have their own vanity, and with the limited variety of clothing to décor, the accent was given to the extremities like the sleeves, cuffs and collars.


Through the years, and with the help of the exponential growth of technology, cufflinks have been vastly produced in great numbers in little time. Variety in design has been increased as well due to the availability of machines to create them. Lovely designs have been created and novelties became rampant in the 20th century’s coming.

Lovely designs were simple enough to be done with machines to cut and chisel gems in very short time and in very precise cuts.


Novelties became rampant that even childhood superheroes were no exemption to the rule.


If you are a member of an organization or a government agency, cufflinks are used as individual designation and made a symbol of belonging and pride.


Simple designs like this one tempt the user to use their own imagination and participate in the design themselves by putting a frame to put pictures on.


If you want to let someone know that you are into something but don’t want to start the conversation, why not just say it using your cufflinks?


And here’s one with multiple function, you might even use one for a different timezone.


Designs are vast and the majority of best sellers are novelties, making cufflinks a symbol of self-expression and individuality.